• This outdoor bird supplies site provides people like you an easy source for your bird supplies.The products on this website will allow you to transform your backyard into a bird watching paradise. A few things about birds, as you make your back yard into a wildlife dream.Bird safety is very important.If you have a cat as a pet, put a bell on its collar so the birds know when he is around.Help the bird stay healthy with clean feeders and bird baths.Before putting in new bird seed or humming bird’s nectar into your humming bird feeders, clean them out with a little beach and hot water to disinfect and kill any bacteria.Make sure you rinse the bleach out with lots of water.Put clean water into your feeder’s and bird baths as birds need water as much, sometime more than bird seed.Outdoor bird supplies offer the finest selection of bird baths, bird feeders, and bird houses for our bird customers.

    This is your source for information on bird supplies; weather you purchase or just need more help on certain bird products, your total satisfaction is what matters to us at the outdoor bird supply.

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