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  • Alpine Leaf Birdbath - DLS360
  • Imax 11166 Nerissa Ceramic Birdbath
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  • Bird Baths

    If you are already equipped with feeders and houses, and you want to attract more birds to your yard, check out our birdbaths. A source of clean water, for drinking and bathing, may attract birds that don’t visit your current feeders. We can help ensure that your water helps birds, not mosquitoes or algae. Stop into Outdoor Bird Supplies today to get everything you need to attract and entice all the birds you want.

  • Bird baths are the perfect addition for your yard that will always attract birds for both bathing purposes and fresh drinking water. It’s important to offer fresh water during both hot and cold seasons simply because those birds that don’t hibernate or migrate, they need water no matter the temperature.

    If you are looking for different styles than the typical dish or standing bowl that you can easily find, but you’re unsure of what will work best for you, check out the attachable bird baths that you can easily install on your porch railing, hang from various railings, or lay on the ground. In case you have especially cold winters, we have bird baths that are heated to keep the water from freezing so the birds can have water no matter what. Stop into Outdoor Bird Supplies to grab the finest in bird baths.

  • Alpine Lotus Bird Bath - Tec108
  • This Alpine Lotus Birdbath will be the perfect statement piece in your garden
  • Achla Designs Antiqued Brass Bird Bath ACHLABB02AB
  • A beautiful Antique Brass Birdbath will give your outdoor space a classic, vintage inspired look

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