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  • Heartwood Florentine Bird House - White With Verdi 125D
  • Heartwood 204A Woodcutter Bird House
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  • Bird Houses

    When you’re choosing a bird house, you need to make sure that you choose the right kind of birdhouse. Birds are already on the search for nest sites in the early spring. Depending on the type of bird you’re aiming to attract, you can look through our various types of birdhouses so you can install them in your yard today. You should feel good knowing we offer you houses that will be absolutely desirable for birds. Thick walls for insulation, holes for ventilation and protection from raccoons, snakes, and house cats are all in our birdhouses.

    If you are looking to create your own house for the birds, we have plenty of different sized birdhouse kits that will set your little bird homes apart from everyone else on the block. Outdoor Bird Supplies is here to offer you birdhouse kits that will offer you the chance to build your own birdhouse.

    If you’re looking for houses that are premade, but you’re looking for a specific kind of birdhouse, we have you covered with all you need. Some websites and other store offer just the smaller birdhouses that are fit for finches and swallows, but if you want to target a type of bird you can get creative here at Outdoor Bird Supplies. We carry duck houses and songbird houses to keep your yard full of birds both large and small.

  • Heartwood Gatehouse Bird House Color: Redwood
  • This classic style of birdhouse is pole mounted with the ability to house multiple small birds
  • Heartwood Classic Bird House - Yellow 076G
  • This green rustic birdhouse is both classic in design and can me placed on any tree to give your birds easy access

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